Functional IASTM and Kinesiology Taping L1: Procedure and Treatment - Bangkok, Thailand

Functional IASTM and Kinesiology Taping L1: Procedure and Treatment - Bangkok, Thailand

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We’re back for the 2nd M2T-Blade and Vigor Kinetic Tape Certification Course!

Learn IASTM and Kinesiology Taping in Bangkok, Thailand on March 16-17, 2019.


Course Objectives:

 ***The use of the exclusively engineered M2T-Blade Tool in the treatment of soft tissue and fascial restrictions and Adhesions.

 ***Assessment, Physiology, Biomechanics, Functional Anatomy and treatment.

***Applications of IASTM as an effective method for treating movement, pain, and dysfunction in several Musculoskeletal conditions.

 ***Explain the concepts and theories behind the restoring optimal soft tissue quality & stimulate the acceleration of the body's natural response post injury.

 ***How to integrate IASTM with the application of Kinesiology Tape in Musculoskeletal conditions to complement and enhance the treatment and exercise outcomes.

 ***Functional Exercise Prescription

 Time Schedule of the Training: (16-hour Training)

Day 1

Objective – Assessment, Physiology, Biomechanics and Functional Anatomy.

9:00 – Functional Assessment, Anatomy

10:00 – Muscle Testing: Physiology, Introduction

11:00 – Orthopedic Evaluation and Assessment


1:00 – Review of morning

1:30 – Introduction to IASTM

2:30 – IASTM and Muscle Testing – Pre, Post

4:00 – 5:00 - Lower Limb Anatomy, treatment, and overview

 Day 2

IASTM – Advanced and Protocols

9:00– Upper Limb Anatomy, treatment, and overview

10:00 – Upper Limb Practice

11:00- Review & Practice of Full Assessment and IASTM Treatment


1:00- Kinesiology Tape Application, Theory & Therapeutic Exercise Selection

2:00 – Lower Limb Anatomy, treatment, and overview

3:00– Upper Limb Anatomy, treatment, and overview

4:00-5:00 – Functional Exercise Prescription and Advanced Functional Assessment Protocols

Cost Inclusive of;

- 16 hours Theoretical / Intense Practical teaching hours

- Pre-course reference

- Course Materials(PDF)

- 2 rolls of Vigor Kinetic Tape

- M2T-Blade IASTM Tool

- Certificates



Three Certificates :

1) Certified Functional Myofascial Practitioner and Certified in Functional IASTM ( Instrument-Assisted Soft-Tissue Tool ) Practitioner

2) Certified Vigor Kinetic Tape Practitioner

3) Certified in Corrective Care Program

Date: March 16-17, 2019

Venue: HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS BANGKOK SIAM 889 Rama 1 Road, Wangmai ,Pathumwan ,Bangkok Thailand 10330


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